Where and how can I experience the Virtuelle Kunsthalle?

We regularly offer events in which the current prototype of our Virtuelle Kunsthalle can be tried out with VR headsets.
Come along and try out a new museum experience with us.

In the Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Let’s get real: virtual reality in the Kunsthalle

included in the admission
Meeting point: work island in the exhibition


Wed, 10.7.24

Tue, 10.9.24

Fri, 20.9.24 (World Children’s Day)


Away from home

Kunsthalle as a guest at the Open Round at Marta Herford

Let’s get real: virtual reality meets art museum. Nadine Kleinken explores the possibilities of VR technology at the Kunsthalle. With a VR headset, you can try out what it feels like to be creative with and in VR.

Admission free
Meeting point: Marta Herford entrance area


Sun 1.9. 14:00-16:30

Further development

One goal of the Virtuelle Kunsthalle is to make our collection more easily and widely accessible and to open up new approaches to art via VR technology that are geared towards the needs of users. Since March 2024, we have therefore been meeting monthly with a group of interested people we met at our ‘Let’s get real’ events. We work together to improve what already exists and develop new ideas. We will design the next virtual exhibition together and take our prototype to a new level. For our meetings is no previous knowledge required. We want to be a museum for many and are therefore generally interested in what the pictures in our museum collection have to do with the reality of different people’s lives.

Are you interested in taking part? Then get in touch with us.


Two young white women. One is standing at the front right with a VR headset on her head and the controllers in her hands. The second woman sits further back on the left at a low table. She is using a mouse and keyboard and looking at a large screen on the wall in the background.
The Virtuelle Kunsthalle can be explored both with the VR headset and in 2D via an internet browser. Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Screenshot of a digital room. Colorful patterns formed by circles and lines can be seen on the wall on the left. One of these patterns also floats on the right in a black-painted corner of the room. A camera floats in the middle.
Screenshot from the first prototype, 2023, photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Four people of different ages and skin colors, standing and sitting on stools, wearing virtual reality headsets. On the wall behind them, you can see which computer application they are currently testing.
Virtual art museum put to the test, International Museum Day 2023, photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
The corner of a virtual room with a dark parcel floor. You can see a park with a pool of water through a window. On the left wall hangs a small-format painting made up of brightly colored areas. Below that sit three black squares with musical notes on them.
In the 'Painting Disco' of the Virtuelle Kunsthalle, users can choose what music they want to listen to while looking at a painting. First prototype in 2023
Two white women are standing in front of a bookshelf. The one in front is wearing a VR headset and gesticulating with her hands, in which she is holding controllers. The woman in the back seems to be talking to her and is smiling.
Let's get real at the Bielefelder Nachtansichten, 27.04.2024
View into a virtual room. A black and white painting hangs on the wall close to the viewer. Only individual areas of paint are colorful. In front of the painting, colorful areas of paint float in the air.
Users can get creative with the colors and shapes from artworks. First prototype 2023
A room under a staircase with black furniture. There is a low bench in front, behind it two round, low tables and cube seats. There is a large screen leaning against the wall and two flipcharts to the right.
Since August 2023, the Virtual Kunsthalle has its own space directly in the lobby. Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
View from bottom to top. The walls of the staircase are reddish. The gray stairs between the floors are straight, but wind upwards in a circle.
Screenshot from the staircase of the vitual art museum, first prototype 2023
A large white sheet on a flipchart. It is written on by hand. Digitalization is written in large letters at the top and positive and negative associations with the topic of digitalization in columns and smaller letters below.
Results from the first meeting to design the Virtuelle Kunsthalle together with interested people, 14.3.2024, Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Angled view of a large white table. On it lie many printed-out pictures of artworks and notes. Colorful post its with handwritten notes are stuck on the pictures.
Results from the second meeting to design the Virtuelle Kunsthalle together with interested people, 16.4.2024, Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld