Virtual art gallery

What might a virtual museum experience look like? Join us as we explore how virtual reality can re-imagine art. Come along and decide for yourself what music is played in the digital museum or create your own art together.

Let’s get real: Internationaler Museumstag

Location: Lobby
Time: 11:00-18:00
Free of charge, without registration

Let’s get real: Nachtansichten

Location: Meeting point under the stairs in the lobby
Time: Always on the hour and half hour from 18:00-23:00
Free of charge, without registration


Eine junge Frau in einem Kunstmuseum. Sie trägt ein Virtual Reality Headset und schaut in unsere Richtung. Sie hat gute Laune.
Let's get real. April 2023, Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Screenshot of a digital room. Colorful patterns formed by circles and lines can be seen on the wall on the left. One of these patterns also floats on the right in a black-painted corner of the room. A camera floats in the middle.
Screenshot from the first prototype, 2023, photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Four people of different ages, standing and sitting on stools, are wearing virtual reality headsets. You can see which computer application they are currently testing on the wall behind them.
Testing our virtual art gallery, International Museum Day 2023, photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
A VR headset with controllers lies on a large wooden table at the front, with various craft materials such as wool, feathers and pens in small baskets behind it.
Peacefully together: Analog and digital tools for art education, photo: Kunsthalle Bielfeld
Two young, white women with VR headsets on their heads and the corresponding controllers in their hands. A large screen behind them shows a digital room with black and white images on the wall, in which only some areas are colored.
The screen in the background shows: Colorful areas are virtually flying out of the pictures and are being put together by the two women to create new works. September 2023 Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld
A room under a staircase with black furniture. There is a low bench in front, behind it two round, low tables and cube seats. There is a large screen leaning against the wall and two flipcharts to the right.
Since August 2023, the Virtual Kunsthalle has its own space directly in the lobby. Photo: Kunsthalle Bielefeld