Silke Schönfeld

Invented Traditions - Imagined Communities

A car is travelling along a country lane. There are some fir trees on the wagon and the driver of the wagon can be seen in the side profile. The car is kicking up dust. There are wind turbines in the background.
Silke Schönfeld, Mainacht – invented traditions part one, 2019/21, 35 min, Filmstill, Courtesy of the artist

In her three exhibited short films, Silke Schönfeld (*1988) focuses on memories, rituals, ideologies and processes of identity formation. In doing so, she focuses on social (marginal) phenomena and structures shaped by community. Schönfeld addresses the emergence of stereotypes and prejudices and the resulting responsibility of the individual – without moralizing. Instead, she focuses on ambiguity and open spaces for the audience to think. Schönfeld’s cinematic works move in a diffuse area between staging and documentation.