View into the collection #4

We encounter the invisible again and again in the history of art. The thematic focal points of the exhibition “Dark Matter. Thomas Ruff, James Welling”, such as the questioning of the depictive function of the photographic image, the serial, the pictorial engagement with space and architecture, are addressed in works by artists of different generations in various media. In surrealism, the enigmatic and the unconscious are revealed symbolically in the real, while abstraction in painting leads to different concepts of pictorial spaces that claim an autonomy that goes beyond the visible. Photography manifests categories such as temporality, memory and the flood of images and information, which lead to a loss of clarity and thus to invisibility.


KH BI Dark Matter 2740
Kunsthalle Bielefeld Ausstellung "Dark Matter" mit Werken von Thomas Ruff und James Welling vom 5.11.2021 bis 5.3.2023
In an exhibition room, an almost floor-to-ceiling shiny silver metal cylinder on castors, vertical. Behind it are two women, dressed in dark clothes, looking up at the cylinder.
(In)visible. View into the collection. Installation view. Photo: Philipp Ottendörfer